Oxford CAMRA:
2013 Beer Festival

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Thursday 17th October, 5pm-11pm
Friday 18th October, 11am-11pm
Saturday 19th October, 11am-8pm

The 2013 Oxford Beer Festival will take place from Thursday 17th October to Saturday 19th October, at Oxford Town Hall (map), celebrating our sixteenth annual event at that venue.

Featuring 140 Real Ales (and 40 duplicate casks of the most popular beers for Saturday) and 50+ Real Ciders and Perrys.

Admission is £2 (free for card-carrying CAMRA members), payable on the door - there are no advanced ticket sales. A commemorative glass to keep is available at £2. Beer is paid for at the bar using beer tokens. We recommend that you buy a £6 token sheet on entry (you can buy more sheets later if needed). Unused tokens will be refunded in full as you leave the festival, or can be donated to the festival charity (Sobell House Hospice). In order to streamline the entry process and avoid a build up of the queue, please have ready £10-per-head (£8-per-head for CAMRA members), in cash, when queueing for entrance.

CAMRA volunteers are needed to help staff the festival, setup on Wednesday 16th and takedown on the morning of Sunday 20th. Contact the Staffing Officer, Steve Lawrence (staffing@oxfordcamra.org.uk, 01235 525436). The staffing form is available to download (PDF version, or Microsoft Word version), please print one and send it in as soon as possible!

Provisional Beer List

Disclaimer: availability of any particular beer during the course of the festival is at the discretion of the bar manager - we will only serve beer when and if we think it is fit to be served.

Our intention is to offer around 140 different beers, and we will have a duplicate cask of 40 of the beers which are expected to be most popular (the festival has a capacity of 180 firkins overall). The duplicates are guaranteed to be available on Saturday morning; they are intended to ensure some variety in the beer list for those who travel to the festival on Saturday, if sales are strong in the first couple of days.

Brewer Beer ABV
AdkinsAlfreds Honey Mild3.4(+ Saturday duplicate)
AmberChocolate Orange Stout4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
AmberDerbyshire Gold4.0 
ApplefordBrightwell Gold4.0 
Aylesbury BrewhousePure Gold3.8 
Aylesbury BrewhouseIn Ernst4.2 
Aylesbury BrewhouseCalico Jack4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
Beer GeekGreat White Geek4.5 
BellevilleRed Wheat & Blue4.3 
Big HandGreen Delta Two3.7(+ Saturday duplicate)
Big HandFirst Hand4.2 
BinghamGinger Doodle5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
BinghamVanilla Stout5.0 
Black JackThe Pokies3.6 
BluestoneQuarrymans's Stout4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
BoggartRum Porter4.6 
BuckinghamMild4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
ButtsBarbus Barbus4.6 
ChilternChiltern Ale3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
ChilternBeechwood Bitter4.3 
Chiltern300 Old Ale4.9 
ClarkshawsPhoenix Rising4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
ClarkshawsGorgons Alive4.0 
Dark StarArt of Darkness3.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
Deeply ValeStill Walking3.8 
Deeply ValeDV84.8 
DenbighY Mental7.2 
Dunham MasseyDurham Dark3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
Dunham MasseyChocolate Cherry Mild3.8 
Dunham MasseyRuby Sunset4.7 
Elland1872 Porter6.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
FellAmerican Amber4.4 
FellRobust Porter4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
FisherPiper at the Gates of Dawn3.9 
Five PointsHook Island Red6.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Fool HardyRash Dash3.8 
Fool HardyRisky Blonde4.4 
GeevesCoco Canal3.6(+ Saturday duplicate)
GoosnarghGold4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Great HeckPowermouse3.6 
Great HeckCitra4.5 
HalfpennyThames Tickler4.0 
HalfpennyOld Lech4.5 
Hand Drawn MonkeyIPA5.0 
HardknottCool Fusion4.4 
HayrakeDawn's Dark Side4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
HayrakeDawn's Autumn Gold4.5 
Henley BrewhouseJail House3.9 
Henley BrewhouseBlades of Glory4.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
Henley BrewhouseScull Duggery4.9 
Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6 
Hook NortonFlagship5.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
Hop KettleTricerahops4.1 
Hop KettleNorth Wall4.2 
Hop KettleGoldings Green4.6 
Hop KettleBelgian Pale Ale4.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
Hop StudioXP3.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
Hop StudioObsidian5.0 
HopcraftNew Dawn Fades4.8 
HopcraftPrince of Bengal5.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
KinneilKincardine Sunset4.1 
Loose CannonGunners Gold3.5 
Loose CannonAbingdon Bridge4.1(+ Saturday duplicate)
Loose CannonBandwagon4.2 
Loose CannonBombshell4.2 
Loose CannonIPA Trial 55.4 
MallinsonsBG Wai-iti4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
Malt The BrewerySummer Daze4.0 
Malt The BreweryHarvest Ale5.0 
Malt The BreweryIPA5.0 
Old BogBlonde 'n' Bitter4.1 
Old BogMonsterous Mild5.6 
Old ForgeAnvil Ale3.8 
Old ForgeBlacksmiths Gold4.0 
Old SchoolAbsent IPA5.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
Out ThereLaika4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
Out ThereValentina5.8 
Oxfordshire AleTrick or Treat4.2 
Oxfordshire AleHarvest Moon4.5 
Problem ChildScallywag3.6 
RoostersHigh Treason4.7 
SaltaireRaspberry Blonde4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
SettleSignal Classic4.0 
ShotoverProspect3.7(+ Saturday duplicate)
ShotoverTrinity4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
ShotoverOxford Porter5.0 
SirenSound Wave5.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
SirenLiquid Mistress5.8 
SirenBroken Dream6.7 
SirenRyezing Tides7.4 
Steel CityCommunication Breakdown5.0 
ToolmakersBow Saw4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
TreboomProgression4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
TreboomHop Britannia5.0 
Turpin Pale Gold 3.6 
TurpinGolden Citrus4.2 
Two CocksCannonball3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
Two Cocks1648 Viscount5.6 
UleyUley Bitter4.0 
Urban HopBlack Jack3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
ValeBlack Swan Mild3.4 
ValeEmperor Ale4.0 
ValeGravitas4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
WeighbridgeBrinkworth Village3.6 
WeighbridgeAmerican Pale Ale3.9 
WeighbridgeAunt Sally's Old Ale4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
WentworthImperial Ale3.8 
West BerksMaggs' Magnificent Mild3.8 
West BerksMr Swift's Pale Ale3.8 
West BerksCorn Maid3.9 
WhalePale Whale3.6(+ Saturday duplicate)
WhaleRuby Moby4.0 
White HorseCheval Blanc4.7 
White HorseBlack Horse Porter5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
XTLest We Forget4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
XTXT 34.2 
XTXT 84.5 
XTAnimal Brewing Co.Mioung4.6