Oxford CAMRA:
2012 Beer Festival

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Thursday 11th October, 5pm-11pm
Friday 12th October, 11am-11pm
Saturday 13th October, 11am-8pm

The 2012 Oxford Beer Festival will take place from Thursday 11th October to Saturday 13th October, at Oxford Town Hall (map), celebrating our fifteenth annual event at that venue.

Featuring 160 Real Ales (and 40 duplicate casks of the most popular beers for Saturday); Real Cider and Perry.

Admission is £2 (free for card-carrying CAMRA members), payable on the door - there are no advanced ticket sales. There is a £2 glass deposit; this is returned in full if you hand in your undamaged glass when leaving the festival (alternatively you are very welcome to keep the glass as a souvenir). Beer is paid for at the bar using beer tokens. We recommend that you buy a £6 token sheet on entry (you can buy more sheets later if needed). Unused tokens will be refunded in full as you leave the festival, or can be donated to the festival charity (Sobell House Hospice). In order to streamline the entry process and avoid a build up of the queue, please have ready £10-per-head (£8-per-head for CAMRA members), in cash, when queueing for entrance.

CAMRA volunteers are needed to help staff the festival, setup on Wednesday 10th and takedown on the morning of Sunday 14th. Contact the Staffing Officer, Steve Lawrence (staffing@oxfordcamra.org.uk, 01235 525436). The staffing form is available to download (PDF version, or Microsoft Word version), please print one and send it in as soon as possible!

Please help promote the Festival if you can; the poster (PDF, 360Kbytes) is available to download.

Beer List

Disclaimer: availability of any particular beer during the course of the festival is at the discretion of the bar manager - we will only serve beer when and if we think it is fit to be served.

Our intention is to offer around 160 different beers, and we will have a duplicate cask of 40 of the beers which are expected to be most popular (the festival has a capacity of 200 firkins overall). The duplicates are guaranteed to be available on Saturday morning; they are intended to ensure some variety in the beer list for those who travel to the festival on Saturday, if sales are strong in the first couple of days.

Brewer Beer ABV
4T'sBobs Thirst & Possibly Last5.2 
AdkinAlfreds Honey Mild3.2 
AdkinAlfreds Galaxy4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
AdkinAlfreds Jaypee Stout5.0 
All GatesTutti I Cancelli Tipo5.1 
ApplefordPower Station4.2 
Aylesbury BrewhouseBay State4.4 
Aylesbury BrewhouseMojo Workin'4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
Aylesbury BrewhouseSink or Swin6.8 
BatemansLincolnshire Bitter4.2 
BatemansSalem Porter4.7(+ Saturday duplicate)
BellingersOriginal Bitter4.1 
BellingersMoonlight5.7(+ Saturday duplicate)
BetjemanPoetry in Motion5.5 
BinghamsHop Harvest3.7 
BinghamsVanilla Stout5.0 
BinghamsGinger Doodle Stout5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Black JackThe River4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
Black JackRoyal Flush5.0 
Boggart Hole CloughCoffee Porter5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
BrakspearOxford Gold4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Brodie'sOld Street Pale5.0 
BuckinghamGolden 3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
BuckinghamOld English6.0 
BushyRuby 1874 Mild3.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
ButtsBarfly4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
ButtsLe Butts5.0 
Castle RockHarvest Pale3.8 
ChilternChiltern Ale3.7 
ChilternCopper Beech4.4 
CompassWest3.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
CompassIsis Pale4.1 
Complete PigPerfecta Porcus3.6 
Complete PigHallacre Gold4.2 
CorvedaleSt George's Stout4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
CullercoatesLovely Nelly3.9 
DorsetTom Browns Bitter4.0 
DorsetFlashmans Clout4.5 
EdenFuggle3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
EllandAngel Witch3.8 
Fisher & Co.Piper at the Gates of Dawn3.9 
Fisher & Co.Confessor4.0 
FoxfieldPlutonium Porter4.5 
FrysBlonde Chough3.9 
FrysRuby Chough4.5 
Green JackHop Harvest4.0 
Green JackOrange Wheat4.2 
Green JackFruit Bat5.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
HackneyGolden Ale4.0 
HalfpennyThames Tickler4.0 
HalfpennyFour Seasons4.3 
Happy ValleyFive Rings4.0 
Happy ValleyTie The Knott5.0 
HartshornFloss The Boss4.6(+ Saturday duplicate)
HoldensBlack Country Mild3.7(+ Saturday duplicate)
HoldensDark Prince4.3 
Hook NortonHooky Mild2.8 
Hook NortonHooky Bitter3.5 
Hook NortonFlagship5.3(+ Saturday duplicate)
Hop BackHarvest End4.4 
Hop KettleSingle Hop Chinook4.1 
Hop KettleFresh Hop Dawn 20124.5 
Hop KettleAdders Tongue5.3 
HoustonAmerican Pale Ale3.7 
IsfieldStraw Blonde4.1 
KentBeyond The Pale5.4 
KingstoneTewdric's Tipple3.8 
KingstoneChallenger Ale4.0 
Lincoln GreenVillage Green4.2 
Lincoln GreenHood Best4.2 
LoddonBoozy Floozy4.5 
LongdogBunny Chaser3.6 
LongdogGolden Poacher3.9 
Loose CannonAbingdon Bridge4.1(+ Saturday duplicate)
Loose CannonBandwagon4.2 
Loose CannonBombshell4.3 
MaltHarvest4.1(+ Saturday duplicate)
MilestoneHarry Porter5.2 
MilestoneRaspberry Wheat5.6(+ Saturday duplicate)
MithrilLocal Hop Nouveau4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
MithrilFlower Power4.3 
MobberlyBarn Buster4.2 
NavigationClassic IPA5.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
New PlasseyMidnight Mild4.2 
New PlasseyCherry Diva4.7 
Nine StandardsGold Standard4.1 
Nine StandardsSilver Standard4.3 
Nine StandardsRoyal Standard5.5 
OffbeatOff Kilter Porter4.3(+ Saturday duplicate)
OffbeatQuirky Kiwi4.6 
Old ForgeBlacksmith Gold4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Old ForgeSledgehammer5.0 
Old SchoolHeadmaster4.5 
OssettThree Ridings Bitter3.8 
Oxfordshire AlesBlenheim4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
Oxfordshire AlesOktoberfest Wheat4.5 
Oxfordshire AlesHarvest Moon4.5 
PheasantryBest Bitter3.8 
Ramsbottom CraftSevillian3.9 
Ramsbottom CraftBumble's4.0 
RudgateDeathly Pale4.0 
RudgateRuby Mild4.4 
ShotoverProspect3.7(+ Saturday duplicate)
SkinnersGinger Tosser3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
SkinnersCornish Scream4.3 
StringersWheat4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
StringersRelease The Bats4.9 
ThameMr Splodge's Mild4.0 
TitanicCappuccino Stout4.5 
TreboomYorkshire Sparkle4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
TreboomKettle Drum4.3 
Two CocksDiamond Lil3.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
Two Cocks1643 Puritan4.5 
Uley Hogshead3.5 
UleyLaure Lee's Bitter4.5 
ValeBlack Swan Mild3.9 
ValePale Ale4.2 
ValeReilly's Red4.4(+ Saturday duplicate)
Wellcross Tower Hill Bitter3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
West BerksMaggs Mild3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
West BerksSwift Pale Ale3.8 
West BerksHeadlock4.1 
WharfebankBoots Beck4.5 
WharfebankWitches Finger4.6 
White HorseBitter3.7 
White HorseWar Horse4.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
Wilson PotterTriple Gem3.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
Wilson PotterInto the Black4.2 
Windsor & EtonWindsor Knot4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Windsor & EtonEton Boatman4.3 
Windsor & EtonKohinoor4.5 
XT BrewingXT43.8 
XT BrewingFresh Hop XT14.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
XT BrewingXT24.2 
XT BrewingXT424.2 
XT BrewingXT Alpha4.5 
XT BrewingXT55.5 

Cider and Perry List

Producer Name/Description ABV
AllenMedium dry cider6.0
Bridge FarmSweet cider6.5
Bridge FarmPerry6.5
Bristol CiderworksDry cider6.0
Brook FarmPerry6.0
Burrow HillDry6.5
Burrow HillMedium cider6.5
Checkley BrookDry6.0
CrossmanMedium sweet cider6.0
Fatty'sMedium cider6.5
Fatty'sSweet cider6.5
Green Valley CyderDry cider7.0
Green Valley CyderMedium cider7.0
Greyfields FarmRepeat Prescription - Medium dry cider6.5
Harry'sPremium Reserve - Medium dry cider6.5
HartlandMedium sweet cider6.0
HartlandSweet cider6.0
HecksMedium sweet cider6.5
HecksSweet cider6.5
Hunt'sSweet cider6.0
MeareDry cider6.0
NaishDry cider7.5
Newton CourtMedium cider7.0
Old BikePerry6.5
Once Upon a TreeTumpy Ground - medium cider7.0
Orchard PigPhilosopher - medium cider6.5
Paul ChantBadgers Spit - dry cider7.5
Rich's FarmhouseMedium sweet cider6.0
Rich's FarmhouseSweet cider6.0
Sandford OrchardsDevon Scrumpy - medium cider6.0
Sandford OrchardsVintage Cider - sweet7.0
Sandford OrchardsPear Shape - perry7.0
Sarah'sDry cider6.0
Sheppy'sMedium cider6.0
SherstonFirst Press - medium dry cider6.0
SherstonTruly Scrumptious - medium dry cider7.0
SpringfieldWobbly Monk - medium cider7.0
TrickySweet cider6.5
W M WatkinsPerry6.3
W M WatkinsDry cider7.0
West Croft CiderJanet's Jungle Juice - medium dry cider6.0
WilkinsMedium sweet cider6.0
WilkinsSweet cider6.0